In order to ensure the integrity of LeBLANC is unharmed and that we honour our ethical approach to activities, LeBLANC aims to avoid any inference of acting in an anti-competitive nature whatsoever.

Our aim is to promote competition and to ensure that we attain the best value, best fit solution to our clients, to that end LeBLANC, its’ representatives, employees and associates shall not conduct any of the following acts:

  • Price fixing or collusion of any nature that promotes anti-competitive outcomes
  • Market sharing with our competitors to restrict territories, customers or business operators
  • Boycotts or actions with our competitors to prevent another from acquiring or receiving goods and services
  • Misuse of market power to damage or eliminate a competitor
  • Refusal to supply goods or services
  • Resale price maintenance or the setting of minimum prices by suppliers to prevent businesses from discounting.

LeBLANC expect from its associates, be it Suppliers, Clients or Employees, to promote competition and to act with integrity in all dealings.