Ethical Responsibilty

LeBLANC requires all of its employees, agents and anyone acting on behalf of LeBLANC to abide by this Statement of Business Ethics. We also request our commercial partners to promote and adopt similar ethical standards. We expect that our commercial partners will make their employees, agents, subcontractors or anyone working on LeBLANC business aware of this Statement and their obligation to respect its principles.

A commercial partner is considered to be any individual or organisation which enters into a contractual relationship with LeBLANC.

LeBLANC conducts all of its’ business activities with honesty, fairness and consistency. We aim to work within an open and competitive marketplace that achieves the best value for our clientele. We are committed to transparency in all of our business endeavours and to the highest integrity.  This Ethical policy and other guidelines outline the mutual obligations, roles and constraints on all parties.  These ethical standards are integral to good business practice.

In the context of this Statement, fairness means that we will be objective, reasonable and accountable for our decisions; LeBLANC will balance all relevant factors in making its commercial decisions. These include, but are not limited to, initial and whole-of-life costs, quality, reliability and timeliness of delivery, as well as community and social policy imperatives.

We believe that personal integrity is an essential part of LeBLANC’s role in its’ commercial dealings. Employees of LeBLANC pledge to operate under and uphold the highest of ethical standards. Employees are bound by our Code of Conduct and Ethics. Our Employees are required to carry out their duties using common sense and good judgment.

Acting in accordance with the Code, Employees are expected to:

  • Act in a courteous, respectful and unbiased manner
  • Communicate in a clear, direct and accountable fashion
  • Use resources effectively, efficiently and economically
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Keep accurate records of all business dealings
  • Maintain the confidentiality of LeBLANC and our commercial partners’ proprietary and sensitive information
  • Not accept gifts or other benefits offered during the course of their duties.