Safety Statements

The senior management of LeBLANC Group is committed to ongoing improvement of the company’s safety performance. The company policy is to minimize the risk of accidents to as low as is reasonable practicable. Safety is managed through the application of a formal safety management system. The operation and structure of the safety management system is described in the company Procedures Manual and is thus available to al member of the organization and to our other stakeholders upon request.

The General Manger accepts overall responsibility and accountability for the safety performance of our company. All subordinate managers and supervisors are accountable for the safety performance of all the activities for which they have responsibility. Every member of the organization is personally responsible for the safety of their individual actions and for compliance of all safety legislation and safety standards imposed by LeBLANC Group.

LeBLANC Group is committed to the development of a sound and effective safety culture. This commitment will be promoted by:

  • The proactive incorporation of safety principals and controls into standard operating procedures,
  • By ensuring that personnel are provided with the necessary skills through training to maintain required competencies,
  • Development of awareness of hazards and risks,
  • The promotion of reporting of incidents and hazards on a non-punitive basis,
  • The promotion of effective two way communication between management and staff,
  • Enlisting the support of all staff in developing solutions to eliminate unsafe conditions and practices.

It is the intent of LeBLANC Group to foster a climate of mutual trust in which we adopt a team approach to resolve problems and prevent incident recurrence. The company has a policy of non-punitive reporting of incident accidents and errors. Of course, this does not imply that LeBLANC will tolerate negligence or willful violations of standard operating procedures, policies or regulations.