Training & Development

Each day we’re developing meaningful and accelerated learning opportunities and anticipating the skills and resources we will need to meet our future requirement & demands.

We hire exceptional people and invest in their growth. LeBLANC has a culture of continuous learning, thoughtfully designed to enable employees to grow their personal capabilities and reach their full potential. We invest in education, provide access to experienced colleagues and give the opportunities to work with intelligent, dedicated people.

As part of our quarterly “Performance Measures and Development” process all employees create development goals with their managers. This helps monitor performance, identify training opportunities and set career goals. Progress against this plan is discussed during PMD review and a year-end summary meeting. Training & Development goals contain primarily following areas and provide guidelines on the focus for each:

  • On-the-job learning through projects, tasks and job-rotation programs
  • Personal development through coaching and mentoring such as leadership, management, motivation, compliance etc. to name few
  • Online and classroom training through LeBLANC and outside
  • External institutions, seminars and conferences: Employees use external programs to supplement internal training.
  • To promote human resource development through training and non-training activities and interventions and encourage the use of IT in all aspect of Human Resource Development.

Knowledge sharing
We are using new technology, our intranet includes sites (LIA ) for employees to share knowledge amongst group companies &  online communities. For example, engineers working on a new design or marketers focusing on a specific demographic segment can connect to share ideas and best practices with other user within the group.