The LeBLANC Group is affirming its’ commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We are dedicated to a concerted  effort to educate internally as well as promote externally good CSR governance. LeBLANC are of the firm view that this is not only proper management practice, but most importantly, it is the right thing to do.

In doing so, today we release our CSR Progamme logo; the LeBLANC CSR logo above is an illustrated depiction of our objectives:


  • Orange    balanced approach to work and life, connected
  • Blue        social commitment, fair practices, compliance and the community
  • Green     environmental and sustainable practices


LeBLANC is committed to its people, its stakeholders and the community at large and it is our endeavour to engender ethical standards, sustainable practices and good corporate conscience in all facets of our operations.




Jonathan Perry

Managing Director

LeBLANC Group of Companies