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LeBLANC is a major contributor to the world of communications infrastructure. Over the years we’ve created a vast library of both fixed and mobile infrastructure systems, as well as a diverse array of lighting and power solutions. We take pride in working with our clients to deliver turnkey solutions that meet their specific needs. Due to our innovative and experienced international team, LeBLANC is able to engineer specific solutions, manufacture to exacting standards and provide quality results.


At LeBLANC, we have the expertise not only to handle existing design requirements, but also to develop new quality products. No requirement is too specialised or challenging for us. We have been a part of the communications sector for over 50 years and understand the nuisances and particulars of such a diverse industry Let us employ our wealth of knowledge and experience for you! When you work with us, we can guarantee great service.


We believe in going above and beyond when it comes to our clients because we wouldn’t be here without you. We have been lucky to build many strong relationships over the years, thanks to our deep understanding of clients’ needs and our strong desire to serve them.

We believe in delivering great products and services in a responsible manner. We also believe in a dialogue of transparency and respect, and we commit to always treating our clients with the greatest consideration. Additionally, we know that communication is key, so we ensure that follow-up assistance and guidance is always available.