Our Commitments

LeBLANC is committed to ethical, sustainable and responsible practices in every part of our work.  We are dedicated to educating and promoting good corporate social responsibility governance – both internally and externally. We are committed to our people, our stakeholders and the greater community and will continue to learn and grow in our goal of creating a better world.

Please see below for more information on our practices and procedures that highlight our commitments.

We prioritise corporate social responsibility because we believe in having a positive impact on the world through sustainable social, economic, and environmental practices. This isn’t just the right thing to do, it is also an essential part of good company management. CSR helps us:

  • Identify new opportunities to meet emerging social needs
  • Efficiently use our energy and resources to reduce costs for the company and the client
  • Avoid risky actions that might harm our reputation
  • Prepare for future regulation
  • Maintain positive relationships with our stakeholders
  • Maintain high standards in our supply chain to ensure safe and quality products
  • Protect our consumers and customers
  • Attract and retain the best employees who are environmentally and socially conscious and who share our values

Our senior management is committed to constant improvement when it comes to LeBLANC’s safety performance. Our policy is to minimise the risk of accidents by applying a formal safety management system. The company Procedures Manual – available to all organisational members as well as stakeholders – outlines the operation and structure of the safety management system.

Our senior management are responsible for the overall safety performance of the company. Subordinate managers and supervisors are accountable for the safety performance of any activities for which they are responsible. Each member of our organisation is responsible for the safety of their actions and for complying with all legislation and standards set forth by the company.

We are committed to operating a safety-conscious culture, and do so by:

  • Proactively incorporating safety principles and controls into all standard operating procedures
  • Providing all personnel with the necessary skills to maintain required competencies
  • Creating awareness of hazards and risks in order to avoid them
  • Encouraging the recognition of hazards and incidents on a non-punitive basis
  • Promoting effective communication between management and staff
  • Utilising all staff in identifying hazardous conditions and practices and developing solutions to eliminate them

Our goal is to create a climate of mutual trust so that we can work as a team to promote a safe environment. Though our policy is one of non-punitive action when it comes to reporting incidents, accidents, and errors, this does not mean we will tolerate negligence or willful violations of policy. For us, safety is of utmost importance.

LeBLANC requires all of its employees, agents and anyone acting on behalf of LeBLANC to abide by this Statement of Business Ethics. We also request our commercial partners* to adopt (and promote) similar ethical standards. We expect that our commercial partners will make their employees, agents, subcontractors or anyone working on LeBLANC business aware of this Statement and their obligation to respect its principles.

LeBLANC conducts all of its’ business activities with honesty, fairness and consistency. We aim to work within an open and competitive marketplace that achieves the best value for our clientele. We are committed to transparency in all of our business endeavours and to the highest integrity.  This Ethical Policy and other guidelines outline the mutual obligations, roles and constraints on all parties.

In the context of this Statement, fairness means that we will be objective, reasonable and accountable for our decisions; LeBLANC will balance all relevant factors in making its commercial decisions. These include, but are not limited to, initial and whole-of-life costs, quality, reliability and timeliness of delivery, as well as community and social policy imperatives.

We believe that personal integrity is an essential part of LeBLANC’s role in its’ commercial dealings. Employees of LeBLANC pledge to operate under and uphold the highest of ethical standards. Employees are bound by our Code of Conduct and Ethics. Our Employees are required to carry out their duties using common sense and good judgment.

Acting in accordance with the Code, Employees are expected to:

  • Act in a courteous, respectful and unbiased manner
  • Communicate in a clear, direct and accountable fashion
  • Use resources effectively, efficiently and economically
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Keep accurate records of all business dealings
  • Maintain the confidentiality of LeBLANC and our commercial partners’ proprietary and sensitive information
  • Not accept gifts or other benefits offered during the course of their duties

* A commercial partner is considered to be any individual or organisation which enters into a contractual relationship with LeBLANC.

We recognise that our only road to success lies with sustainability. Our own and our customers’ environment and social performance are huge factors in maintaining our place as an international telecommunications provider. We are therefore committed to understanding how our operations impact the environment and the community, and we endeavour to manage our carbon footprint. Being a leader in procurement policy and practice is integral to our goal of sustainability.

This policy means that we strive to ensure that we use products and services in a responsible manner. We look to integrate environmental and social considerations into all of our policies and practices – which we recognise as a big job. That’s why our suppliers are important partners in our journey to sustainability.

We are committed to:

  • Encouraging suppliers to adopt practices that minimise environmental and social impacts
  • Supporting LeBLANC’s Environment Charter and other relevant sustainability policies
  • Integrating sustainability considerations into our own policies and practices 

This policy creates expectations and provides a guide for how we procure products and services throughout every aspect of our business. Under this policy, our aims and objectives are to:

  • Identify opportunities to minimise our environmental and social impact through better selection and improved usage of products and services
  • Enhance our supplier relationships by working with them to achieve more sustainable practices
  • Provide feedback to suppliers about their own environmental and social performance and assist them in improving


At LeBLANC we celebrate the diverse talents, skills, and perspective of our team members. We provide equal access to advancement and opportunities for growth and enforce the idea that respect is paramount to our success as a company.

We believe that our differences only make us stronger. To that end, diversity at LeBLANC is not just a statement or a program but a way of life. Our philosophy of inclusion is all about respect and celebrating what each employee brings to our company and our clients.

Our employees represent a diverse team of industry veterans, seasoned professionals, and maturing graduates. Every individual offers a different perspective, allowing us to remain innovative and successful. We all work to ensure that our company is free from discrimination and intolerance, creating a safe workplace for everyone.

Training & Development

We hire exceptional people and invest in their growth so that everyone benefits. Thanks to our culture of continuous learning, we are constantly developing meaningful learning opportunities for our employees. Our educational investment means that employees are exposed to new experiences, knowledgeable colleagues, and opportunities for successful teamwork.

Our quarterly “Performance Measures and Development” process enables all employees to develop goals with their managers. This practice helps us to set career goals, identify training opportunities, and monitor performance. Goals are primarily aligned with the following areas:

  • On-the-job learning through special projects, tasks, and job-rotation programs
  • Personal development through coaching and mentoring
  • Online and classroom training both within the company and through outside sources
  • Further education through internal and external seminars, conferences, and institutions
  • HR development through a variety of activities and through the use of IT

Work-Life Balance

Our employees are the core of our business, so we treat them as such. We desire to bring out the best, through a dedication to development. This enhances not only our company, but also career growth. We take pleasure in recognising and rewarding employees through a comprehensive package of pay, benefits, and programs designed to help you reach your full potential.

We understand the importance of balancing work and life and so we strive to provide a great workspace where employees are inspired to be the best they can be. From career goals to personal goals, when you join our team, you will have the benefits and support that you need. As an employer of choice, we offer a fantastic benefits package that is designed to meet both basic and more intricate needs.