Manufacturing Overview


  • LeBLANC has a number of relationships facilitating source of product from China.
  • We have our own personnel overseeing the manufacture ensuing quality and delivery.
  • Third Party providers do independent testing to material, welding and galvanizing integrity.


  • Our factory in Malaysia has a capacity to produce approximately 15,000 tons and is located in Port Klang, the largest international port zone in the region.
  • The factory product range consists of Self Support towers, Broadcast towers, Monopoles, Guyed Masts, Rooftop and other ancillary components suitable for an array of markets.

Galvanizing Portfolio

LeBLANC offers hot dip galvanizing service to steel products for a long corrosion free life, ensuring long service life and eliminating disruptive maintenance of the product. It has the standard with ASTM-A12 and BS EN ISO-1461 which maintaining the zinc coating thickness 0.086 mm respectively.

We have full service hot-dip galvanizing facilities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia and South Africa to serve the various regions across the globe. There are total 7 kettles in operation for a combined galvanizing capacity of 250,000 tons per year.