Our Story

LeBLANC Group was established in 1962 by Messrs LeBlanc and Royle in Ontario, Canada. Soon becoming an established worldwide engineering firm, LeBLANC Group established LeBLANC Communications Australia in 1981.

In 2017, LeBLANC Communications Australia underwent a branding change and published a new business strategy and is now known as LeBLANC. LeBLANC is a proudly Australian owned and operated business, servicing the Asia-Pacific region.

Today, we are multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, with a strong background in telecommunications structure design and supply. 

What we do

We pride ourselves on taking on engineering problems of all shapes and sizes, and have considerable experience in manufacturing, design and installation of a variety of projects.

In particular, we have been focusing on telecommunications towers since 1962. Our dedication to quality and service has made us a communications industry leader. LeBLANC provides guyed towers, self-support towers, monopoles and other structural components to service Telecommunications and Broadcast.

LeBLANC has access to tower and manufacturing plants worldwide, where it is able to manufacture, lighting, monopoles, guyed structures, tubular and angled structures. These facilities have the capacity to fabricate over 67,000 tons of steel per year. These facilities also have the ability to galvanize, galvanizing over 225,000 tons of steel per year.