Engineering and Design

LeBLANC is one of the select few companies in the world that offer a full tall tower service. LeBLANC have been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing towers since 1962. Our total dedication to quality and service has made us a communications industry leader. LeBLANC provides guyed towers, self support towers, monopoles and other structural components to service Telecommunications and Broadcast.

LeBLANC maintains one of the worlds largest team of professional structural engineer’s specializing in full capacity tower design. With more than 35 years of designing towers, you can trust LeBLANC to provide you with the most appropriate and economical design possible to suit your telecommunication needs. Our professional engineers are involved in all stages from the design of the tower, to post installation, reinforcement designs, and modification designs, to accommodate additional loading, for structures.

Quality Objectives

We are committed to remain a market leader and to manage the growth of our customer base in a manner that shall maintain stability with our existing customers and allow development of new customers.

Fabrication and Galvanizing

LeBLANC has four towers and manufacturing plants worldwide, where it is able to manufacture, lighting, monopoles, guyed structures, tubular and angled structures. These facilities have the capacity to fabricate over 67,000 tons of steel per year. These facilities also have the ability to galvanize, galvanizing over 225,000 tons of steel per year. LeBLANC ensures that the quality of our teams manufactured products meet or exceeds all industry standards.