Our Leadership Team

Tri Huynh | Chief Executive Officer

With a Bachelor of Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering, as well as further education at the Australian Graduate School of Management, LeBLANC’s CEO Tri Huynh is guiding the company with considerable engineering experience and strong management skills.

Huynh is highly knowledgeable in telecommunications project delivery and management, skills that have served him well throughout his career. Before joining us in 2012, Huynh’s position as a Business Improvement Specialist and Engineering Project Manager with Broadcast Australia allowed him to gain the understanding needed to lead our company.

Shaden Perri | Chief Information Officer

With a passion for creating value and a love of working to strengthen struggling organisations, LeBLANC is proud to have Shaden Perri as its’ CIO.

Perri earned his Bachelor of Business at Edith Cowan University and later received his MBA from Curtin University of Technology. Perri has held several senior roles in finance, project management, and ICT over various industries. His experience has lent him decision-making confidence, objective clarity, business sense, and adaptability. He freely uses these skills in helping LeBLANC bring value to our clients and our business.

Currently, studying Law, Perri continues to dedicate his professional acumen to LeBLANC and its’ clientele.

Robert DeVries | Chief Technology Officer

With a Bachelor or Civil Engineering and a Master of Engineering, Robert DeVries is well equipped to head our technology and engineering department. DeVries has over 50 years of experience in civil/structural construction management design and design verification. His previous work experience has given him an understanding of design and construction requirements for large infrastructure projects. Thanks to his hands-on managerial style, DeVries helps promote a team-centered workspace.